Dinner Rosters

The upcoming dinner roster is shown below. If you are unable to make the dinner meeting please try and arrange your own replacement.

Meeting Rosters May and June

May 25th: Welcome: John Hammond, Money: Allan Wilson, Property: Maree Curtis-Geisler, Grace: Belinda Liggins:, FiveMin: David Earle. Chair: Brian Pethybridge.

June 1st:  Welcome: Hugh McMullan, Money: Graham Royden, Property: Geoff Rhodes. Grace: Thomas King, FiveMin: Patrick Maher, Chair: David Earle.

June 8th: Welcome: Brian Pethybridge, Money: Bill King, Property: Bill O’Hare, Grace Patrick Maher, FiveMin Greg Barnes, Chair: Ted Stephens.

June 15th: Welcome: Gerald Brown, Money: Llew Sandford, Property: Peter Hudgson, Grace:Brian Pethybridge, FiveMin: Geoff Maunder, Chair: Nev Doyle.

June 22nd: Welcome: Ted Stephens, Money: Thomas King, Property: Brian Pethybridge, Grace: Bill O’Hare,  FiveMin: Robert Bell, Chair: Greg Barnes

June 29th: Welcome: Belinda Liggins, Money: Patrick Maher, Property: Bill King, Grace: David Groves, FiveMin: None, Chair:  Llew Sandford

July 6th: Welcome: Maree Curtis-Geisler, Money: Ted Stephens, Property: John Hammond, Grace: Paul Archer, FiveMin: Allan Wilson, Chair: Bill O’Hare

July 13th: Welcome: Patrick Maher, Money: Greg Barnes, Property: Kevin Jordan, Grace: Nigel Liggins, FiveMin: Belinda Liggins, Chair: Hugh McMullan.

July 20th: Welcome: Paul Archer, Money: Andrew Lelliott, Property: Thomas King, Grace: Bill King, FiveMin: Peter Hudgson, Chair: Robert Bell.

July 27th: Welcome: Llew Sandford, Money: John Hammond, Property: Ted Stephens, Grace: Graham Royden, FiveMin: Geoff Rhodes, Chair: Belinda Liggins