The Rotary Club of Shepparton South is a group of professional and business people who meet together to enjoy each others company and work together to support aspiring students and worthy community projects.

New President David Earle
DG Richard Luke, President David Earle & PP Nigel Liggins

Our regular meetings include speakers from local businesses, community organisations,  personal achievements, and recipients of our support.  They can be both informative and inspiring.  We also include short talks from our members on their life and work, which enlarge our understanding of the many paths that life may take.  There may be time for a bit of frivolity and some planning for future projects.  There is often a segment on Australia wide and International Rotary projects that involve the the wider Rotary movement (see  Rotary International)  When we work together, sharing our knowledge and skills, we achieve big things.

Our latest project is building a large shade and rain shelter to assist Kildonan’s  ‘Horses for Hope’ program for counseling troubled youth.  In this project Col Emonson and his assistants use the empathy that arises between horse and youth to engage and counsel those who will not otherwise engage.

The ‘Horses for Hope’ team in front of their new shade shelter

Our main fund raiser is our markets,which are run in the Queen’s Gardens or in the Shepparton Mall, and BBQ style catering for outdoor events, such as sales and shows 

Our parent body, Rotary International,  has 1.2 million members and operates in most countries of the world.  It members seek to make their communities and their world better through fellowship with other members and an application of their skills and occupations. Rotary seeks to create positive and lasting change in our communities.

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