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Flexibility is the key. Thanks to Nigel we were able to meet via Zoom. Benji was not hap-
py!! One positive was that our Guest Speaker Councilor Rob
Priestly was able to speak for an ex- tended length of time and was very willing to answer many question,
more than a normal meeting would allow. After working as a Dairy farmer in Katandra, and then with the Wheat Board, Rob joined his family business, Gouge Dry Cleaning about 20 years ago. The business has grown over the years. Currently there are 6 sites covering much of Victoria, with plans to ensure access to all Victorians. There are 50 trucks and several semi- trailers always on the move. His has a 2,000 Rob served on the Committee of Greater Shepparton for 6 plus years before being voted on as Deputy Mayor of Shepparton Council. He identified 5 aspects that make regional towns stand out: a good Educational system; a university; a
diversified economy, a varied demographic, and a strong Health system. It is also vital to make it an attractive place for Youth to encour- age them to want to stay, to live, work and help the community thrive.

Rob spoke of the possibility of developing local energy and recycling businesses; connecting small towns with bike tracks; and building on our Agricultural strengths. He said Diversity is our strength as well as our
challenges. Rob has an enormous belief in Shepparton and its pos- itive future and left us all feeling lucky to be living here. A most generous and open

flippers Nigel and Belinda eventually allowed Gary to win the wine. Remember to
check the roster for our BUNNINGS BBQ this Saturday February 20. Any questions
ring Hugo. Covid 19 willing we will be back at the Overlander next week. Board
Meeting at the Overlander Tuesday Feb. 23 at 6 pm. Stay safe

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